17 Hours In Spokane, Washington In Winter

It's Tuesday afternoon, and I'm on call for work. Playing the waiting game of "will I get used/sent somewhere today or get paid to sit at home?"   A few hours later scheduling is calling me, and I am packing my bags to go to one of my favorite mountain states. Next up is a 17 hour layover in the...
A Weekend In Ohio & Utah

A Weekend In Ohio & Utah

lay·o·ver ˈlāˌōvər/ noun NORTH AMERICAN a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey. (webster dictionary)  This past weekend, I was on a 4 day trip for work, and with that, got to enjoy 2 layovers! One in Columbus, Ohio and the 2nd in Salt Lake...

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Hey! I’m Carly!

I have come to learn that in order to succeed and be happy in life, we need to chase and go after our dreams and passions

Traveling, and exploring, just happens to be one of mine

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