The city of Nascar, The Indy 500, Brickyard 400, many museums, restaurants, and home of the Colts.

There is truly something for everyone and anyone in this city to enjoy.

Not quite sure on what to do and see? Check out my guide on how to spend 20 Hours in the city known for fast cars, flourishing culinary and brewing scene, and so much more!

1.) White River State Park

Just a few blocks away from downtown, immerse yourself in nature with scenic views along the river and throughout White River State Park. Great for running, biking, and enjoying a casual stroll. Stop and smell the flowers along the way, snag a book from the Free Library, check out the architecture and Indiana Limestone, and enjoy your day outdoors.

2.) Get Your History Buff On, And Check Out One Of The Many Museums

  • Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

3.) Bring Out Your Inner Nascar Fan & Check Out A Race At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

4.) Attend a Colts Football Game At Lucas Oil Stadium

5.) Visit/Tour The State Capitol

6.) Grab A Frozen Yogurt Treat, Acai Bowl, Fresh Squeezed Juice and more at Pearings Cafe 

For Photo and Polaroid Lovers, This Place is decked out from head to toe with Polaroids all over! It’s a great place to catch up on a good book, whip our your laptop, or enjoy a conversation and a treat with friends/family. It’s also my new favorite cafe 🙂

7.) Enjoy A Brew Or Two Downtown At One Of The Local Breweries 

  • Rockbottom
  • Sun King
  • TwoDEEP
  • Metazoa
  • Tow Yard

8.) Vino Lover’s Stop & Enjoy A Glass At Tastings – A Wine Experience 

9.) Soliders and Sailors Monument 

248 ft tall, the Monument is located on Monument Circle in the center of downtown and has come to symbolize the City of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

I definitely can’t wait to go back to Indianapolis, and to keep on exploring!

I hope I have given you some good ideas to add to your “To Do/ Check Out List” for this city, and if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what else to do/check out, please do pop a comment down below and let me know! 🙂

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