After being a fan of travel the last 5 years, and now working in the travel industry, I have come to learn the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to packing.

What I have learned?


I know when it comes to packing, you want to bring EVERYTHING with you!

That new dress you bought, your all time favorite shoes, or should I say a pair of shoes for every event/ everyday! Something for this, and something for that.

With all of ” this and that” though, leads to one HEAVY suitcase!

Do you really want to lug all of that weight around?

Are you really, I mean really, going to wear ALL of those clothes and shoes you packed?


From experience, I can tell you the answer is : NO


No, you are not going to wear the 101 outfits and shoes you packed. Most case scenarios, you usually end up wearing that one top you really like, and those pair of shorts/jeans/shoes that are always your go-to.

With that, I have created the Ultimate Carry-On Packing List For you!

To travel and go ANYWHERE!

Being a Flight Attendant, I am “On Call” 6 days out of every month.

These days “on call” I can get sent anywhere at anytime.






San Francisco:

Jacksonville, Wyoming:


Vancouver, Canada:




And even places, like my home state, chilly



All different climates, different weather, and different fashion/style.

With that, here are the essentials you need to pack for a week or more

travel, to any destination:


  • One pair of jeans, one t-shirt, one long sleeve shirt, one skirt/shorts.

Jeans are a great versatile piece, that go with any shirt you pair with them. Pick a t-shirt that can be worn casual during the day, but that you can also pair with jeans or a skirt/shorts for a more dressed up look/ a night out on the town. For chillier climates, it’s also best to have a long sleeve packed. (Also hotel rooms can get pretty chilly!) With these essentials, you’ll be prepared to mix and match, and having outfits that are perfect for enjoying the cold, and also escaping to the sun and the beach!


  • One dress, flip flops, casual shoes for sight seeing/walking around

A dress and flip flops are all you need when heading to the beach! Flip flops are lightweight and easy to pack, and are also great to wear when taking a  shower in your hostel, hotel, etc. Pick a dress that can be worn alone, and also that you can pair a sweater or jacket over and add some tights for those colder regions. You can also pair your skirt over the dress to create a new look/outfit!

  • A set of pajama’s ( and a week’s worth of underwear!)

If you take any piece of advice from me, it is to pack enough underwear! It is no fun when you run out, and if you are incapable of being able to wash your clothes.

  • Swim suit and a sarong

Wanting to go to the beach? Or does your hotel have a pool/hot tub? A swim suit is an essential in my suitcase! A sarong is also perfect because it can be worn as a cover up, and used as a towel/something to lay out on.

  • One hat, one scarf, and a pair of mittens

Essentials for when heading to those chilly cities or the mountains! (Especially in the winter)

  • One set of work out clothes

A pair of running pants/shorts, one shirt, and don’t forget your running armband! Perfect for working out, when wanting to run/walk around a city, and also great comfortable travel clothes.

  • For my fellow FA’s: An extra set of clothes/uniform

You never know when you/or someone else might spill something all over yourself!

  • A pair of shoes for walking around, and a pair of shoes for dressing up/ a fun afternoon/night out

  • Put all of your liquids in a quart size bag, since that it the travel/airport rule that they need to fit in that tiny bag. Only pack your essential liquids: toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, face wash, and one body spray/perfume. Leave the big heavy hair dryer at home. It takes up too much space, and adds unneeded weight to your suitcase. Lot’s of hotels provide them in the room too! And ask the front desk for one when staying at a hostel.


The best strategy to save lot’s of space!

  • When traveling oversea’s, a few other handy essentials to bring with are: a converter, money/currency for where you’re going, passport. ( I also pack chocolates, and leave them in the room for house keeping as a little Thank You 🙂  )


And there you have it!

All your travel essentials, all packed into one carry-on! And Ready to travel and go ANYWHERE in the world!

And with that, I’m ready and all set for my 6-days “on call” in a row. Ready to go anywhere in the world.

P.S. Scheduling just called me now, and I’m off to Washington D.C!


What are some of your favorite carry-on essentials? Pop a comment down below and let me know! 🙂

Thank YOU guys for reading <3


-Carly ♡

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