Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, It’s Off To Amsterdam We Go!

( Or I should say, we went!)

The beauty of having a job that let’s you travel around the world, is that you can plan to meet up with friends/family when their out on travels!

And that is exactly what I did!

My cousin Melissa had a work conference going on in Amsterdam the beginning of September. After talking back and forth about her best flight options/plans, I decided to change around my schedule and to tag along with to meet up with her! 



I had to be in Atlanta for a work conference a few days prior, so I started my trek from there to AMS.

Here’s a sneak-peek from my work conference; LIFT: (Which means, I’ve been flying now for over 6 months, and I’M NO LONGER ON PROBABTION! Hellllooooo endless opportunities with this career/within the company!)


Working in the Airline industry means you get pretty good travel perks! But it doesn’t always mean you will get a seat! To guarantee I was going to make it overseas, I had to book an open Flight Attendant jump-seat. The flight was scheduled to be full, but with hurricane Irma going on, flights were starting to get canceled, leaving open, empty seats on my flight, giving me a seat!

Flight to AMS from ATL is around 8 hours.

During Flight:

  • I attempted to sleep (but didn’t happen)
  • Watched my way/flight through all the endless movies that was provided on my  t.v seat screen
  • Ate & drank my way through the flight ( On Delta International Flights, I swear all you do as a passenger is eat & drink! )

Around 10:00am my flight landed.

Next was to make my way from AMS Schiphol Airport onto the train to Amsterdam’s City Center, and then to hop on a tram from the City Center to meet up with my cousin and where we would be staying.

*** Vivid memories came back to me when trying to find the train ( because the last time I was in Amsterdam, my friend Brooke and I got lost, hopping on train, after wrong train, spending our first day there for hours going back and forth on the trains, with not a clue where we were going/where we were, etc.) It was rough…

This time around I made it onto the train to the City Center easy breezy!

Now trying to find the right tram to get to our apartment, that was another story/situation.

Most case scenarios when I’m lost, I’ll walk up to a local/someone and ask for help/directions.

I was informed to head to Tram #4. When wanting to ask the tram driver if I was on the right tram, all he said was “Get On! Hurry! Quick!” ( I didn’t even know if I was on the right tram!)

So I hopped on. Lost, confused, and had another local help me, who informed me that I indeed was on the wrong tram… ( Here comes the getting lost horror memories again!)

A kind local informed me that I had to get off at the next tram station, and to hop onto the next tram from there.

So here I go, hop off, wait, hop onto the next tram, show the driver the address I was heading to, and what stop I needed to get off at. The tram driver informed me that “the tram makes an announcement at each and every stop, and to wait and hear for when my stop was coming/would be.”

I’m thinking to myself “Great. I don’t speak Dutch, the accents/words all sound the same to me, and I have no idea what stop to get off at, and I’m going to get lost…again..”

Again, I had another local help me out.

I ended up missing the stop that I needed to get off at, and started walking my way back.

While walking, out of the corner of my eye but who do I see!? My cousin!!


We ventured our way to the apartment to drop off my baggage.

From there it was off to go wander around the city!

Friday consisted of:

  •  Walking around the city, finding our way around the town, and streets of Amsterdam
  •  Mellissa touring Anne Frank’s house, while I went back to take a nap from my long day of traveling/ sleep deprivation. ( I already toured Anne Frank the 1st time I went to Amsterdam)
  •  Grabbing a late night slice of pizza at New York Pizza Amsterdam (located at Spui 2, 1012 WZ)
  •  Late night people watching, and grabbing a brew at an Irish Pub nearby




  •  Grabbed breakfast and coffee at a local bakery across the street from our apartment
  •  Rijksmuseum
  •  Shopping the local shops/streets, and checking out the Floating Flower Markets (Lot’s of Tulips!)
  • Canal Boat Cruise – which you can bring your own food and beverage on to enjoy. Our choice to bring with: A bottle of red wine that we picked up from a local grocery store nearby
  • Dinner at Ganesha –  Indian Cuisine



Back on my way to MN!

You know those big fancy seats you see on International flights in the front of the plane, that have the reclining bed in them? Yeah, I got to ride home in one of those! (Also known as Delta One). – My first time as well I should add!

Delta One in itself is an experience. You think in a basic economy seat you get fed a lot, in Delta One, you get unlimited drink service, a snack, an appetizer, a main entree, AND afterwards dessert! Filling your belly up, and all set for a peaceful sleep session afterwards. Which I NEVER am able to sleep on flights, but somehow managed to sleep for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT on this flight! I couldn’t believe it!

So, are you wanting too or are you thinking about planning your next getaway to Amsterdam?




Things To Do:

1.) Rent A Bike – By far the BEST WAY to get around the city, and explore! Make sure to make your way to/through Vondelpark! And also to the Giant Windmills

2.) Check out the floating Flower Markets

3.) Take your tourist picture at the { I amsterdam } signs (there’s two in the city)

4.) Take a One Hour Canal Cruise, or any canal boat tour/cruise


5.) Tour the Heineken Distillery, and enjoy a cold brew, or two at the end

6.) Tour Anne Frank’s House – If you only have a limited time in this city, MAKE SURE to add this to your must do list!! Also make sure to make reservations in advance, or you will be waiting in a loooonng line outside!

7.) Go cheese taste testing/sampling at all the local cheese shops

8.) Walk the Redlight District at night – A unique experience that is at least a one time must see, since it is so different

9.) When wanting coffee to drink, you have to go to an actual Bar and order one. If you walk into a “Coffee Shop” you’ll be getting something else instead. For those curious/interested, check out a ” Coffee Shop” as well.

10.) Tour the Rijksmuseum, and all the other wonderful museums Amsterdam has to offer. A perfect rainy day activity.

11.) Go shopping at the Magna Plaza



What To Eat:

  •  STROOPWAFEL’S! – A waffle made from two thin layers of dough with caramel like syrup in the middle
  •  Dutch Cheese from any of the local cheese shops
  • Bitterbal
  • Haring
  • Poffertjes
  • Amsterdam Version of Fries (They have a mayo/ketchup like sauce to eat them with)
  • Enjoy a treat from a local bakery/shop

“Coffee Shops” to check out:

  • Barney’s
  • Green House
  • Baba
  • Dampkring

Local Market’s:

  • Waterloopein Market – The oldest flea market in Amsterdam
  • Ten Kate Markt
  • De Hallen
  • Any Flower Market you come across ( located right on/along the canals)

Local Bars/Restaurants to check out:

  • Edel
  • Waterkant
  • Struik
  • Pacific Park
  • Roest
  • Black and Blue
  • Ganesha –  Indian Cuisine
  • New York Pizza Amsterdam
I hope I have given you some good ideas to add to your “To Do/ Check Out List” for this city! And if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what else to do/check out/eat/drink/ hidden gems, please do pop a comment down below and let me know! 🙂

Thank YOU guys for reading <3



Thanks for stowing away on this getaway!

-Carly ♡

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