What happens when you party in a pub in London until midnight on a Friday night?

You go to bed at 1:00am, wake up at 3:00am and head to the airport of course!

(Or at least, this was the case for us…YOLO!)

Ready and set for a fun filled 72 hour long weekend getaway to Norway! I mean who needs sleep anyways?

And while 72 hours is definitely not enough time to enjoy this beautiful country, we definitely made the most of it!

When you hear Norway, what do you think of? What comes to mind?

As to the little 4 year old boy sitting in front of me on the plane, his thoughts were ” it sure is lumpy .”

But in reality, this country is so beautiful. Lush green fields, wooded forests, local farms, pristine mountains and lakes. If you travel far north you can witness the majestic Northern Lights. With hints and reminders of looking and feeling like Minnesota, I could see and relate my beautiful hometown/midwest state being known for it’s Norwegian traits/roots and similarities.

Minnesotan’s have cabins in the woods on/by lakes. Norwegians have their little home away from home getaways close to the mountains. A spot to cozy up in winter, ski around, and hike. You can also tell the difference from a house and cabin in Norway because most cabins have grass roofs. How cool right!?

My friend Lindsey and I went to visit my friend Silje for the weekend.

Day one was spent bright and early in the London Heathrow airport. Landing in Oslo, around 10:45am.

A great airline recommendation to take from London to Oslo is British Airways. A two hour non stop flight.

Norway Day 1: Venture around the capitol city.

Hop on the train from Oslo Airport to Central Station. The station has lockers that you can rent out and put your belongings in so you don’t have to carry and drag them around when sight seeing!

Norway Night 1: Drive up to a cozy cabin in the mountains.

Start the fireplace, open the wine, and let the fun, laughs, and chats begin!


Norway Day 2: Haglebunatten Hike

Start the morning with a typical Norwegian breakfast: Baked bread, meats and cheeses, butter, and milk.

The perfect pre hike fuel.

Plan 3 – 4 hours to endure this hike and take in all of its outdoor beauty and scenery. There are two hike options you can take. An easy route and hard route. My recommendation: do the hard route! The views are worth it.

When you get to the top, enjoy a Kvikk Lunsj! Literally meaning “Quick Lunch,” A Norwegian milk chocolate over a wafer cookie which certainly is a tasty quick lunch for a post hike victory!

Also pick up a rock and add it to the pile of accomplishment. The views are well earned after that hike!



Wanting to try some Norwegian eats? Make sure to try Finnbiff: sautéed reindeer. Another popular dish is eating moose patties with boiled potatoes, roasted veggies such as carrots and brussel sprouts, and a side cranberry sauce.

Norway Day 3: Sightseeing some more in Oslo before heading back on the train to the airport.

Want to bring some goodies back for friends and family? Bring home all the chocolate! And make sure to buy it in the grocery stores! It, and everything else you buy in a convenience store or anywhere else is crazy expensive.

Norway Money Saving Tips:

  • Buy food from the grocery store and cook your own meals
  • Budget
  • Save up money to spend before going
  • Stay with friends and family, or look into getting an Airbnb
  • Walk, or take public transportation


And there you have it! A great quick weekend getaway filled with lots of outdoor fun.

Thanks for carrying along on this adventure with me!

-Carly ♡

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