“A sunrise and sunset well spent, brings a day of content…”

& there’s just something about watching a sunrise and a sunset.

It brings a sense of calmness, peacefulness, serenity, and the feeling that it’s just you and the sun,

and all your worries just seem to disappear and go away.

A moment to give thanks.

Our eyes fix onto the warm colors and it’s like we’re transported to an enchanted trance and state of mind.

It holds the power to stop anyone in their tracks and to fully take in and enjoy the moment.

Our rambling thoughts in our head diminish, and a tranquil peace takes over.

Catching a sunrise gets you up and ready for the day before everyone else.

To live an hour more.

When the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake, and everything feels like it isn’t really real, and you kind of forget about your problems because at that time it’s just you, the world, and the sunrise.

Chasing a sunset gives the excitement of where the end of the day will lead. To give thanks to a beautiful day, to mother nature for all she brings and creates.

Because the life and world without art and her beauty would just be “eh.”

There’s never one sunrise or sunset that’s the same,

each sunrise brings and creates new beginnings, a new chapter in life, a new day, new hopes and dreams.

While each sunset teaches you that endings can be beautiful too.

There’s a sunrise and sunset everyday, and they are absolutely free. Don’t miss out on so many of them.

So wake up early, or take a few minutes before the day ends,

to grab your friends, loved ones, or even just yourself, and get lost in the beauty of a sunrise and a sunset.



Where are your favorite spots to catch a sunrise and chase a sunset?

Pop a comment down below because I would love to know.

-Carly ♡

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