The next time you fly through MSP, Shepard Road Airport Parking is the place to be! (To park and fly✈)


I had the opportunity recently to test out their services, and I can only say good things.

As a girl who is always on the go, working in an industry where I have to have a lot of patience,  sometimes I don’t have the greatest patience getting stuck in rush hour traffic, and then on top of that, waiting for the employee bus (which adds an extra 1/2 an hour to an hour to my day.)

Shepard Road Airport Parking will have you at the airport in a matter of minutes.

Located at:1465 Davern Street, Saint Paul, MN 55116 – Phone: 651-690-1200

I had a 6:30AM sign in for work, got to Shepard Road Airport Parking at 5:45AM, and was dropped off at the airport at 5:53AM. Pretty quick if you ask me!

As you drive up to Shepard Road Airport Parking, the dispatch there sends a driver right to your car. The minute you park, a driver is there ready to take you off to the airport!

Shepard Road Airport Parking offers two parking sites: An outdoor parking lot or a covered ramp. The outdoor lot is cheaper, but when winter rolls into Minnesota, the ramp will keep your car nice and dry and not having to clean off snow! A huge bonus.

The staff is phenomenal. So kind, generous, and always willing to lend a helping hand. As I parked my car and stepped out, a driver was there ready to help and put my bags onto the shuttle.

Like I stated, I was at the airport in a matter of less than 10 minutes! Way quicker, faster, and more convenient than waiting for the employee bus.


If you know  when you will be traveling, you can book a reservation ahead of time online (And save some money by entering a discount code! Keep reading along to get a discount code at the end of my review for the next time you’re off on your next adventure)

Or if you’re on the go last minute, you can drive in and print a ticket. Which don’t lose or you will have an extra added fee.

When coming back from your travels, you can call Shepard Road and let them know you have landed. They will send a driver right over.

The shuttle pick up is over at Terminal 1. You will want to pass the Gold Ramp and walk toward the Tram entrance. You then will make a right turn at the Brown ramp to find their shuttles.

As I mentioned earlier, the staff is truly phenomenal. When getting dropped off, the driver was so kind, and he even offered and helped put my luggage into my car.


The next time you’re heading to the airport and need a place to park and go, make sure to check out Shepard Road Airport Parking!

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

-Carly ♡

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* This post was written in collaboration with Shepard Road Airport Parking. As always, content shot and opinions are my own.

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