I love everything that’s old: old friends, old times, old books, old wines…

and just like that, great friends just pick up where they left off!



Let’s rewind to February, 2014, where I hopped on a plane across the country to study abroad in the ‘Land Down Under’ Australia .


Wanting to escape the Minnesota arctic tundra, change my accent, and make some new friends.




Here’s the thing when your study abroad: The friends you make, the memories you create, you will never forget, and always cherish.


And no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last seen each other, when you reconnect, it’s like things haven’t changed at all.


My friend Seth, who I met and became friends with at Southern Cross University, sent me a message, informing me that he would be coming and traveling throughout the USA, and would have a few days in Minnesota.

I luckily was off of work those dates, and we then planned to have a reunion/MN Winter Adventure day!

I picked him up from the airport, and adventuring we went!

First stop of the MN Adventure Day:

Minnehaha Falls. A Frozen Winter Wonderland.

In Australia, there are some pretty amazing and beautiful falls. Seeing and showing a Frozen Waterfall to my Aussie friend was even more exciting.

After walking around the falls, our next stop of the MN Adventure day was to head to the Mall Of America. The USA’s biggest shopping mall, and amusement park. We shopped and walked around, and at one point, made our way to Nickelodeon Universe, where I then told Seth to pick out any ride to go on.

Our ride of choice was The Fairly Odd Parents rollercoaster.

It was oh so fun, and great to relive my childhood amusement ride glory days.

After walking around all day, the next stop on the Minnesota Adventure day was to grab a bite to eat.

We went to Matt’s Bar. A little Twin Cities local “hole in the wall” joint, which serves the best burgers and fries. They only accept cash, your meal will be under $10, and it is a MUST to order their Juicy Lucy burger! Believe me, you won’t regret it.

There also just happened to be a MN Wild hockey game going on that night, and I was able to find last minute tickets off of Stubhub.com

If you’re looking for any amazing last minute deals for any sporting events, concerts, etc., I highly recommend checking out Stubhub and the grabbing those last minute deals!

The MN Wild would be playing the Canadian Calgary Flames.

This was also my first NHL hockey game to attend, and let’s just say, I plan to go to another one!

The game ended up going into overtime, and then ending in a shootout, with the final score of the MN Wild winning! The crowd went WILD!

The following day, I showed Seth around my hometown, the University I went to, we hiked around Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, and then ended the day by grabbing dinner at an Irish Pub and restaurant called the Ole Brick House, where my brother came and joined us.

If there is one thing I can say I cherish the most from studying abroad, it is the friendships and connections I have made and with the power of technology, being able to stay in contact with everyone and and getting together, creating reunions, and reliving those old time glory days.


Thanks for stowing away on this Minnesota getaway and carrying on, along, on this adventure with me.

-Carly ♡

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