“Scheduling decided I needed to go to London over the weekend, and I’m glad they did.” 

Over the weekend, I was ‘on call’ standby at the airport. Report time 4:45pm, released at 8:45pm if not called. I was informed that most trips were covered, and that there was a good chance I wasn’t going to be called/assigned a trip.

After waiting for three hours, I decided to take a look at Open Time. There was a London Heathrow that had a spot open, and a report time of 8:30pm.

8:00pm my phone rings. And it’s scheduling. And before I answered, I already had a feeling I knew what they were going to tell me. 

Scheduling: ” Carly Holthaus, there has been a new assignment added to your rotation. You will be going to London, Heathrow.”


I couldn’t believe it.

Someone who was scheduled on this trip, called in sick, so I was next in line to work it.

First thing I do?

Go to the airport duty free store to go buy a converter, because I didn’t have one, and never thought/didn’t plan on going overseas this weekend.

Surprisingly I packed my suitcase with appropriate outfits for Europe. Like in some insane crazy way, this trip was meant to be.

Also Note to self: When on Adays/’on call’, be prepared to get called/scheduled to go ANYWHERE.

8:30pm I met up with my crew, we introduced ourselves, and I informed everyone that I was a new hire, and that this would be my first working international flight. Everyone was so nice, warm and welcoming, and if I had any questions, to ask away! (Which I did, A LOT) 🙂

I also went to London for fun last year, so I was excited to go back.

Flight time there was 8 hours.

I lucked out with the crew I had. They all took me under their wings, and guided me along the way, the entire flight.

Also when you’re working an international flight. The time really does go by fast. It’s one thing/service after another.

When traveling overseas: be prepared to be served a lot of food and drinks as a passenger! You won’t go/be hungry.

12:00pm Sunday, I had completed my first working international flight, and was now in London! With 24 hours to sleep (a little) and explore (a lot).

After working my First International Flight, I can’t wait to see where else in the World Scheduling last minute is going to send me.


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