From Amsterdam Brooke and I made our way over to Germany. We would be staying and meeting up with my friend Anna –> a friend from my study abroad experience in Australia, who lives in Dortmund. After hoping on planes and trains through out this trip, our next mode of transportation was the bus. We went with FlixBus, since they had the cheapest rates.

One thing Brooke and I have learned from this trip: When you’re constantly go go going and sightseeing, meeting new people, and taking in all that you can of a culture –> you can fall sleep anywhere. It’s now safe to say that I can easily fall asleep on planes, trains, busses, you name it.

Speaking of meeting new people, Anna was also having a friend from Amsterdam joining in on the fun with us for the weekend…Her name was Tessa and We even happened to be on the same bus! 

A four hour bus ride later we arrived in Dortmund Germany, and Brooke and myself had made a new frIMG_3421iend.

The cool thing about meeting up with old friends? When you reconnect it’s just like old times! And things haven’t changed. To the friends I have made throughout my life and travels, I am so thankful for the connections and bonds that we have made.





So now that we were in GERMANY, our plan and something to cross off our bucket list was to see as MANY Christmas Markets as we could! Germany’s Christmas markets are Filled with aromas of spiced mulled wine, homemade dishes, and decretive pastries, as you wander through the cold streets, soaking up the fun festive atmosphere. From food and drink to hand crafted toys, tree decorations, candles, and everything you could imagine, the booths at the German Christmas markets offer something for everyone.


IMG_3360 IMG_3358

IMG_3356 IMG_3339


Curry worst – A traditional dish



Cologne, Germany 



IMG_3398 IMG_3371



Europe’s Biggest Christmas Tree – Dortmund, Germany


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