After our three night stay in Dublin, it was time for Brooke and I to head our way up to Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Our plan was to go explore Giant’s Causeway –> a result of an ancient volcanic eruption, and Belfast was a perfect destination to stay at and do so. The easiest and cheapest way to get to Belfast is by train. The train takes about 2 hours to get from Dublin to Belfast, passing along great scenery, and luscious green plains. Another cool thing about traveling – you’re bound to talk to and meet new people.

We ended up sitting across from an elderly lady, named Patricia. One thing I love about traveling is the people I meet and engage in conversation with. Growing up as a child, I always loved listening to and hearing stories. As I’ve gotten older, I am fascinated with hearing other people’s life stories. The choices and decisions they made in the past, lessons they’ve learned, and how it shaped them into the person they are today. While everyone has thoughts of “I wish I would have done this, or I wish I wouldn’t have done that,etc,” no matter what, the people I have spoken to, would not have changed a thing that has happened to them.

Patricia was heading to go see a show in Belfast that day. Very prim and proper with her coat, hat, and gloves. Through out the conversation we had learned about her life story, a nurse who had a passion of helping and taking care of others. Informing us to keep having fun while we are young, and to live life with no regrets, fears, or holding back. I can say after only a two hour conversation, a new friend was made that day.

When the train ride ended, the exploring expedition continued….We had NO IDEA where we were going…….or how to get to our Hostel, Vagabonds.

With the help of a police man, a map, and my phone GPS, a 40 minute trek later, we finally had made it to Vagabonds! Hot,sweaty, hungry, and ready to drop our packs.


From the minute we walked in, (and from the online reviews), there was an Urban feel to the place. Friendly staff, and a quiet and chill atmosphere. A perfect place to get a good nights sleep after running on next to none. Our plan was to stay just for the night, since we had a train to catch back to Dublin the next night, and a 6:00am flight the day following to Amsterdam.

Little did we know that that would not be happening……….


IMG_8453 IMG_8451

After checking in and getting situated, we were ready to go find some food! The front desk
informed us ¬†about the St. Gerorge Market. One of Belfast’s oldest attractions, and a great place for some of the finest food, flowers, produce, fashion, and crafts……. And indeed it was!



After the market, Brooke and I were in need still of eating a traditional Irish breakfast, and we only had one day left to do so. So we walked ourselves over to a pub called Ronnie and Drews.

Also to mention it was 5:00pm that we were wanting breakfast. A little late, but the staff and Ronnie and Drews were willing to cook us up some traditional morning grub. Wooo!!

And I am so glad they did! In general, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Now breakfast in Ireland?!? 100 times better than normal breakfast here in the states!


Fried eggs,tomatoes,sausage,bread……Can you say oh yum in the tummy tum tum!!






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