After our Thursday Night Pub adventures, Saturday morning we were ready to go sight seeing. We started the day off with our hostel’s daily walking tour. The tour started at 10:00am and would last roughly around three hours. Our tour guide’s name was Eimear. She was a student at Trinity College, who volunteered her free time to show sight seekers around the Dublin area.IMG_3042 IMG_3039IMG_3038

Our first stop of the tour was the Christchurch Cathedral. Known as Dublin’s oldest building, and home to the 12th century crypt. From there we ventured around Trinity University. The architecture was truly amazing. Old,pristine, with a mid-eval feel. (Part of me wished I would have attended school there.) IMG_3071 IMG_8221



Christchurch Cathedral

The rest of the day we were informed the whereabouts of famous attractions in Dublin. Eimear recommended what to go do and see, and answered questions for those who didn’t know. We ended the tour stop at the Old Storehouse, a classic Irish bar where we each shared a pint of Guinness.



IMG_8226Because we love food, after all of that walking, Brooke, Tashi, and myself were staaaarrving. During the walking tour, we came across The Woolen Mills Eating House. The building overlooks the Ha’Penny Bridge and the River Liffey. A perfect and serene spot to sit down,relax, and enjoy a warm cooked meal. A favorite and popular dish at the Woolen Mills is the Ha’Penny Bridge Coddle – A traditional Irish dish made up of potatoes, sausage, vegetables, in a warm hearty soup/gruel.       IMG_8223

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