If you didn’t know, in Irish, Dia Duit is the traditional way to say hello!

From England, I ventured off to Ireland. I would be in Dublin for four days, three nights, then hoping on a train to go see and explore Northern Ireland!

One nice thing I learned while planning this trip is, once you’re in Europe, flights are suuuuuper cheap to go from country to country! That is, depending on what airline you choose, and how much luggage you bring with. For us, we just needed a basic flight,and used our backpacks as our carry-ons. For most of our flights, we ended up using RyanAir Airlines. They’re cheap, affordable, and I had very good service from the beginning to the end of my flight experience with them. I highly recommend, and plan to use this airline again for future trips.IMG_3008

Back to Ireland….

Once landed, we made our way to our Hostel. We would be staying at Jacob’s Inn. When it comes to choosing a place to stay that matches your needs, TripAdvisor and HostelWorld are great resources to use. We wanted something that was cheap, had good reviews, and provided free breakfast. —> This would all help cut down costs of our trip.

Jacob’s Inn is in a great location. It’s in the heart of the city center, is great walking distance from local attractions, and if you like it a little quiet at night, it’s not as rambunctious as the Temple Bar area, so you can get a good nights sleep. It’s also a 10 minute walk away from the train station, which is also very handy. They also provide free walking tours everyday, which we ended up doing our second day in Ireland.

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Once we checked in and dropped off our bags, it was time to explore! We were also pretty hungry from our long morning of travels, so food was a top priority on everyone’s mind. As we were walking, we came across O’SheA’s Old Morans Hotel and Bar and Restaurant. It’s a decent sized pub, with traditional Irish Music, and had a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Since we were in Ireland, we wanted to eat and drink like the Irish! Right off the bat, Tashi ordered a Guinness, Brooke, a Rebel Red, and I myself order a Jameson Ginger. The drinks and food was superb.

IMG_3021 IMG_3011 IMG_8141

We checked out a few other local pubs that day, and ended the night in Temple Bar.

Temple Bar is an area on the south bank of the Liffey River in central Dublin. Lined with pubs, clubs,shopping, and good eats too. It also has the world famous….you guessed it!: Temple Bar.

Rated as the #1 tourist pub to check out, when talking to the locals, it is the most expensive bar in Dublin, along with mainly being filled with tourists. Still, I highly recommend to go check it out! Once you step inside, the whole place is lined from wall to wall with people. Good luck with trying to find a spot to sit as well. The Temple Bar also has live traditional Irish music playing daily. It definitely is a fun filled atmosphere, and worth the time and money to go check out. I also tried my first pint of Guinnes! I’m not a huge dark beer drinker, but as they say “Guinness tastes better in Ireland,” and indeed, it did!

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