00892aff95310c0c8738c90ad4394eda“Book a ticket and just leave”

This is just what I did. Back in September, I booked a ticket to England. With no regrets, and no holding back. I’m at a age and time in my life now, where I have the opportunity to just go. To take in all that I can, because as most people I talk to say “You have your whole life to work the 9-5 job.”

Here’s a favorite quote of mine that has inspired me:

“Travel while you are young and able.  Don’t worry about the money; experience is far more valuable than money will ever be”

So here’s to starting a new chapter in life, and taking in all that it brings.

My next stop is Europe. I will be backpacking with my good friend,Brooke, and meeting up with old friends, who live across Europe. My first European Adventure includes Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, and England.

IMG_2951Get ready to come stow away on my getaway,

And let the AdventuresOfB&C  begin…


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