Today couldn’t have been any better! I got a care package from my family! I knew my mom was sending one because there were a few things that I needed for my upcoming outdoor ed trip next that’s happening next weekend. I didn’t realize there would be a whole lot more. For the past week my mom has been asking if I had received it yet. The last time I had face timed her I had stocked up on groceries earlier that night and was having some snacks while talking with her. Hence the reason she asked if I had received it yet. Because oh man am I stocked up! After getting this package, I won’t have to go grocery shopping anymore while I’m here in OZ. It’s crazy to think I only have one more month left here!

This past week I have been occasionally going to the international office in search of this package. I eventually decided to wait a few days. For some reason today I had a feeling to go check again. I walked into the office and didn’t even have to look for my yellow slip. James a worker in the office saw me walk in a grabbed my package. He knew I had been waiting for it. “It’s pretty heavy” he says. And indeed it was. I told him I would probably ask a friend for a ride up back to Orion but I was too excited and impatient to wait so I hiked up the long awful dreaded path/hill instead. I figured it would be good exercise too.

Since I didn’t get to celebrate Easter with my family, and get my annual Easter basket, my family had sent me an Easter package instead. Filled with lots of goodies and letters written from my mom, dad, and brother—that is my favorite part;receiving and reading letters from everyone.

The letters made my day, and even chuckle here and there. My family is quite funny–especially since my dad and brother wrote theirs while out to eat for wings and getting drinks with two of my uncles… ” p.s your uncles have been drinking so I am writing for them- Chris “….”john wants an Australian opal. If you can’t find that diamonds or booze/beer are the next best thing”… They even imprinted the letter with wing sauce and wrote it just to show me, how thoughtful haha. My family makes me laugh.But I am also truly blessed for the supportive loving family that I have. I wouldn’t choose no other.





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